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How is Crown Heights Like Israel?

Crown Heights and Israel have very similar problems. We are both located in the heart of a place where those who are not like us, hate us. Chabad is an epicenter of a major organization that does great good throughout … Continue reading

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Housing Nightmare in Crown Heights.


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Kolko Trial Over! Sentenced to 3 Years Probation.

Wow, I am shocked, this must have just happened, the only place I see it is on 1010 wins website. Here is the original story from JPost for those who don’t about this story. “Brooklyn Rabbi Sentenced in Sex Abuse … Continue reading

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The Banned Wedding.

The ship is sinking folks, it’s time to start preparing for the worst. For all those still riled up about wig store boycotts, concert bans, kids being shipped off to boot camps in the Caribbean, and who knows what else … Continue reading

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FrumSatire Asks the Tough Questions!

One of the funnest posts I’ve read in a very long time. Sir, you outdid yourself!

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Graphic Images

Warning, these are extremely graphic images, but I think it’s important to see it. Especially us American bloggers and blog readers. For as much as we feel horrible about this and mourn this tragedy, I think we need to SEE … Continue reading

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MSNBC: "So Called Terrorists"

Do you need any more proof of Esav Sonah Yaakov? Watch the video report from MSNBC and listen as the reporter refers to these murderous slime balls yemach shemam as “Infiltrators” and then “so called terrorists.” This is the world … Continue reading

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