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My (Complete) Review of Yossi Green's The 8th Note

For the first part of this review click here. Over there I briefly touch on why I think this is a breakthrough album for Jewish Music. Let me just remind people that this is my O-P-I-N-I-O-N. I don’t feel any … Continue reading

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Sunday Links and Comments

Here are a few things I wanted to link to or comment on. There is a brand new pre-purim Haveil Havalim. Check it out at Jack’s place. Matisyahu claims part of the reason he left Lubavitch is because of the … Continue reading

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Video of Lipa, Shloime & Sheya Dancing at The Big Event.

Gruntig has a very funny little piece here. “Video footage of The Big Event at The Wamu Theater which due to “unforeseen circumstances” never took place. Where will you be on March 9?! A Gruntig Exclusive! Although usually the actual … Continue reading

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Nachum Interview Shloime Gertner and Sheya Mendlowitz

You can listen to the interview here: Of course no mention of the ban was made, which further destroys the impact of these bans. It’s tragic whats happening, if not just for the diminishing impact of very well respected Torah … Continue reading

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The Big Event Banned? Has Gertner Pulled Out? **Update**

(SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES) If this is true, and why wouldn’t it be? Then the “Big Event” concert planned by Sheya Mendlowitz in Madison Square Garden, featuring Shloime Gertner and Lipa has been banned. To this I say – Awesome. … Continue reading

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Shloime Gertner's Im Ein Ani Li – Jam Band Style

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Hear Gertner Sing a Short Clip of his song from The 8th Note

(Photo: Shloime Gertner was on Nachum Segal on Monday to talk about the upcoming Lipa/Gertner/Sheya “Big Event” show. While he was talking, towards the end Nachum asked Yossi Tyberg whats coming out and Shloime Gertner started singing a capella, … Continue reading

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