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Weird Moments in Jewish Speech.

How about something light for a Friday morning, ok? So there is a toilet paper holder in the master bathroom that has been loose now for a couple weeks. I finally decided last night to do what any decent and … Continue reading

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New Jewish Music Radio Station Goes Live

Lately there seems to be a pickup in Jewish internet radio activity. The ShmaisRadio stream got much better the last few weeks. Yesterday they had over an hour of classic English songs (the good ones, not like “Stop!”) they have … Continue reading

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Overdoing It On Purim …

I hate to sound like a cliched post purim broken record, but I just feel the need to “talk this one out.” I really think people over do this holiday. It’s a given that every Jewish holiday costs a nice … Continue reading

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A Roundup of some Purim Shenanigans ….

The most anticipated event in the history of the Jblogosphere is finally here. (No, not the Jibs, how one track minded do you think I am!) The 1st Annual Jblogosphere Comedy Purim Podcast. Here is a VERY funny fake headlines … Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning News and Links

First let me remind you of what I posted yesterday, I don’t want it to get lost in the archives. Please help this blog, by supporting the advertisers. Here is my in depth song by song review of Ohad II. … Continue reading

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Click Me! Help Support Life-Of-Rubin!

I have signed up with WebAds for my blog and I would really appreciate it if people clicked on the ads and took a moment to look at what is being offered to you. I work in advertising, so I … Continue reading

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The Newest Ban: Miami! (AKA: Predict the Next Ban and Win a Prize!!)

It’s been at least 3 weeks since the Denim thing. I mean … Denim is so January ’07, right? So, of course we all knew a new band would be coming from the World Rabbinical Tribunal. First of all, didn’t … Continue reading

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