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8.1, Cool.

No time to chat right now, been a great, but super long 3 days. It’s nice to see the world is still moving along, politics as usual, sports, news all still happening. I have 562 email messages (thats combined business … Continue reading

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Bad Airport Security

This can’t be good.

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Radio Commercials Rant

If no one minds I’d like to take a moment to rant about something that has nothing to do with Jewish Music, Politics, Sports or “Jewish” News. This morning on my way to the office I heard for the hundredth … Continue reading

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Clean Up your GMail

I just about hit 80 percent on my Gmail, so I needed to figure out how to clean it up. I thought this was a really detailed and good post which will help you do the same. I’m now down … Continue reading

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Random Musings.

I have been saying since the beginning of the season, whether or not they won the World Series Joe Torre was a goner. Let’s see what happens now. Some of the songs on Shloime Dach’s latest CD Hashem Echod are … Continue reading

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7-11 Giving Away FREE Squishees for It's 80th Birthday.

Squishee In Springfield, Squishee is available in many flavors including blue, red, lime, green, chutney, and champagne. For the month of July only, Squishee is available in Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla – be sure to get there before Apu decides … Continue reading

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More iPhone Hilarity! iPhone vs. jPhone.

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