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It's Ok, Relax, It Wasn't Racial!

A lot has happened in the last two weeks in Crown Heights. While many in the media and the world outside Crown Heights are shocked at the sudden and recent rise in “tension”, we all know it was neither sudden … Continue reading

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People Who Read Blogs ….

Ok, I have to get this off my chest. It really makes me nuts when the frumme velt adopts loshon from pop culture incorrectly. I see this ad in the Jewish Press every week and it drives me bonkers. The … Continue reading

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A Mother's Love

Mother’s Day always reminds me of a line from Avraham Fried’s Yiddish Gems Volume 1. In the song “Di Torah” when the Malach is offering the Torah to the nations of the world, he comes to America and asks them … Continue reading

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Why Do Israeli Politics Bore Me Silly?

I hope this does not make me unpopular, but there is just something about Israeli Politics that makes me fall asleep. I see the headlines, I start reading the stories and I just can’t finish them. As time goes on … Continue reading

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The Haters Are Back.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine last night. It was about the R’ Belsky “Chabad is a Cult” comments in the Mishpacha Magazine. My friend is what we in Lubavitch call “an anti”, or Anti-Meshichist, which … Continue reading

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Hynes At War Against ‘Renegade’ Crown Hts. Patrol

I just read this article and I am fuming. First read the article about and then continue on. This is regarding the “attack” by a member of Shmira on a Black man, Andrew Charles, a few weeks ago. Even since … Continue reading

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Some Purim After Thoughts and Comments.

So that was a long two days right? Purim on a Friday sure is a wild ride. Purim itself has a Sunday feel, but then as the hours pass on you realize it’s almost candle lighting! Then before you know … Continue reading

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Ok, Fine, I Denounce It/Them/Him/Her/It/That.

Lately I’m having a real problem with the way what should be important issues are being cast aside. I’m not saying what a person’s campaign aide or spiritual leader think should be the only determination in choosing a candidate. But … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the NY Times Article and Rabbi Horowitz's Article

The NY Times article is exactly what I thought it would be, it mirrors the Jerusalem Post article. One thing is for sure it’s a huge Chillul Hashem. Even worse it continues to drive a wedge between the “normals” as … Continue reading

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Yehuda Levin is a Hack and a Lifnei Ever for At Risk Youth

Let me just preface this by saying if you don’t like my angry rants, or my mean side this post is not for you. I’m serious, there will be a lot of other posts today and if you are easily … Continue reading

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