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The Lipa Schmeltzer BiG Event Commercial

Go to for more information. This concert will feature Shloime Gertner and Lipa Schmeltzer!! Produced by Sheya Mendlowitz. Stay Tuned to Life of Rubin for updates and even some surprises! Advertisements

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Memo to Ahmed Bukari!

I know your awaiting my reply and awaiting my transfer of funds to your offshore account. I know time is wasting away and I will miss out on my 2 million dollar African windfall. I don’t care, so would you … Continue reading

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Lipa Schmeltzer & Shloime Gertner Live at MSG in NYC

Over the last few months I have been in contact with many new people inside the Jewish music industry. One of the perks of these contacts has been getting big scoops. Unfortunately, most of these scoops are “not for public” … Continue reading

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Just been buried under mountains of work, meetings and family things. I have a couple reviews half written, bunch of links in my email box and other minor items. I’ll be back to blogging soon. In the meantime, go over … Continue reading

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As I said last night, I reached 200,000 sometime early this morning.

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Coming Up On 200,000!

I just noticed on my sitemeter that I am coming up on 200,000 hits. That’s unique, individual, hits per day, not overall views, which is now at almost 330,000. I estimate that sometime tomorrow I will get that 200,000th hit. … Continue reading

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URGENT TEHILLIM: Two Sem Girls Injured, One Critically, After Being Struck by a Car

HALLANDALE BEACH, FL [CHI] – A group of girls returning from the Publix grocery store across the street from the Chaya Aydel Seminary in Hallandale Beach, Florida after grocery shopping for a winter camp they were arranging for the local … Continue reading

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