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Yeedle Releases Single From New Album.

Yeedle has always been one of those topics that I hate to bring up. When I write something positive about his music I get emails and comments screaming at me “don’t you know what he did!.” Then if I write … Continue reading

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Yossi Green's The 8th Note – Sampler and Cover

Below is a sampler from The 8th Note album. This is the Yossi Green CD. It’s all songs composed by Yossi Green and many different big name singers attached. Avraham Fried, MBD, Lipa, Gertner, Helfgot, Lev Tahor, Haim Israel, Mo … Continue reading

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Dovid Gabay Releases New Album

Let’s get back to talking about some music, shall we? Dovid Gabay’s first CD was a pretty good CD. I didn’t review it because it was before I was reviewing CD’s. I wasn’t in love with it, there were a … Continue reading

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Hear a Track from the Upcoming Friedman Family Niggunim Project

As was reported earlier, Avraham Fried and his family have been recording a Niggunim CD. It’s Niggunim that were popular in the home of Fried’s father who passed away a couple years ago. This CD does not have any music, … Continue reading

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Audio Preview of B'Koil

Mizmor Music presents Bkoil featuring Yakov Y. Stark, Chaim Adler, Meir Burech Kohn, Yakov Unger Yakov Rosenfeld, Yakov Lemmer and Bentzion Weiss with by Naftaly M. Schnitzler, Menachem Bristovski and Yidi Strolly. You can purchase it here.

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New Dovid Gabay Cover

“Hagomel” a Disco composed by Yossi Green has already received tremendous acceptance with the few days of radio play. The title track,”Omar Dovid”, composed by rising Composer Elimelech Blumstein is sure to satisfy the all time Jewish music fan. “This … Continue reading

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Yitzy Spinner Album Preview & New J.E. Cover

Yitzy Spinner’s new album preview is online at Sameach. I’m liking what I hear from this album. I’m tempted to pick up a copy. From what people are telling me and what I hear on the JM radio stations, this … Continue reading

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