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Obama advisor: US Jews Hinder Peace Process

Well this is not nice. I really am trying not to post every anti Obama story out there. Although lately there have been a ton of them. But it’s to keep ignoring these. I’m trying, it feels like “dirty” politics. … Continue reading

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Ok, Fine, I Denounce It/Them/Him/Her/It/That.

Lately I’m having a real problem with the way what should be important issues are being cast aside. I’m not saying what a person’s campaign aide or spiritual leader think should be the only determination in choosing a candidate. But … Continue reading

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It’s voting day in many states. Don’t forget to do your civic duty. Give a little bit back to a country that given us more then we can ever have imagined. G-d Bless America. Feel free to keep anonymous in … Continue reading

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Coulter: I'll campaign for Hillary if McCain is the nominee

This is mind blowing. This is just amazing. I laughed so hard at the end. At the end of this bash McCain/ Hillary love fest, Alan Colmes is beside himself, he can’t believe what he is hearing. He asks Ann … Continue reading

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It must be true, there is an Obama/Sharpton ’08 picture right here! H T M L (I’d give them the link, but they never give anyone else a link so why bother) Wait, just hold on one minute, I’m … Continue reading

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In Case you Hadn't Heard ….

Barack Obama, who is running for President of the United States, is NOT a practising Muslim and not a terrorist who is part of some sleeper cell trying to trick us into electing him. I think this whole thing is … Continue reading

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She Didn't Cry For Katrina …

I’m trying to stay away from commenting on the political process right now, but this just sucked me back in! I love it, it’s gold. So true. She doesn’t cry from: The Tsunami, Katrina, Global Warming, Iraq, Dying or Injured … Continue reading

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Skip the Blogs, I got Your News Headlines Right Here ….

Why search the blogosphere for the talking points of the day, I got them right here, short and sweet. Bush Hates Children! (He also wants you all to keep smoking!!) Clinton: Obama is a Drug Addict. Well, not in so … Continue reading

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Democrats Are Afraid of Stephen Colbert! Deny His Candidacy.

Oh come on, it’s funny. I think it’s very funny. What is amazing is the support this guy has been getting. This country is so backwards I think if Britney Spears ran on a ticket with Jon Stewart they’d win … Continue reading

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Funny Political Line

From the AP regarding last nights group beat up of Hillary at the Democrats 475th Debate: “In the City of Brotherly Love, there wasn’t much for a sister.” (full story)

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