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Vos Iz Neias Unveils Brand New Look!

I just wanted to wish the guys at VIN NEWS the best of luck. You look great! VIN is the best source for up to date news on the Jewish Blogosphere. They publish what needs to be published and they … Continue reading

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Consumerist Slams "Name Our Glatt Kosher Restaurant" Contest.

I was quite upset to see this story on one of my favorite blogs. A small glatt kosher restaurant in New York City’s East Village ran a contest where people submitted names for the new restaurant. According to the official … Continue reading

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The Parade of Hatred Continues.

I’m no genius, but I think it’s about time the FBI or some government agency starting dealing with the amazing increase in hate crimes. It’s almost becoming, if not daily, a weekly occurrence somewhere that a Jewish shul, school, cemetery … Continue reading

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Housing Nightmare in Crown Heights.


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I Don't Wanna Say What Recent Story This Reminds Me Of ….

I’d be more specific but I think it’s better when I leave it open to interpretation.

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1986 Challenger Anniversary – Let's Take a Minute

I think we should take a minute and remember the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia. This tragedy occurred 22 years ago today. Let’s also take a minute to remember Judith Resnick, a Jewish woman, who died on that day.

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Skip the Blogs, I got Your News Headlines Right Here ….

Why search the blogosphere for the talking points of the day, I got them right here, short and sweet. Bush Hates Children! (He also wants you all to keep smoking!!) Clinton: Obama is a Drug Addict. Well, not in so … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Links and News.

Clearing out a few things on my mind and in my inbox. First off is this crazy story about Lubavitcher Borchurim being arrested detained and treated extremely poorly in Russia. Some were under 18. The underage boys were released earlier, … Continue reading

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Imus is Back – Major Deal with WABC.

So what did we learn from this boys and girls? We learned that when you try to BAN something or make something you don’t like just GO AWAY (read-get fired) it doesn’t accomplish anything in the long run. I think … Continue reading

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Israel Bombed Syrian Nuclear Plant.

Israel’s the only one that has the guts to do what needs to be done. Iran next?

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