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Bohemian Rhapsody Acapella

I know it’s not Jewish, but it is a capella, and it’s Queen!

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JB's Review of The 8th Note.

You can check out the Jewish Blogmeister’s review of The 8th Note here. I agreed with him on many of the songs he liked, but some of the songs he didn’t like I didn’t agree. I really liked almost all … Continue reading

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Sir Paul McCartney to play for Lipa!

No Really! Check it out.

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Carrie Underwood 'Cross'ing Over to the Bar Mitzvah Circuit?

The funny thing about journalists and puns is that no matter how cheesy and eye roll worthy they are, we still have to laugh a bit. Ok, I’m jumping the gun here. Let’s start from the beginning. This is from … Continue reading

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CD's Aren't Dead Yet!

While I do agree that CD’s aren’t dead, I don’t think this is the most intelligent article. So why the rush to bury the CD and anoint sub par-sounding MP3s the new kings? “I think why some people think it’s … Continue reading

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Hear Lipa's Newest Song!

Is this the next Yossi Green classic? More on this here at BlogInDm‘s. It’s sad to see frum people singing this type of music at weddings. The only question I have is if the people at the wedding know where … Continue reading

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Fools for April to Appear on SIRIUS Radio and MTV's The Real World

Dov Rosenblat (Blue Fringe) and C Lanbom (Soulfarm) have teamed up to release a new CD. It’s not meant as a “Jewish” CD in the typical sense of the word, they are looking to go more mainstream. The bands name … Continue reading

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New Albums to Be Sold on USB?

This sounds very cool.

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MTV Launching Israeli Site

Details here. Site here.

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Matisyahu Speaks Out About His Exit from Chabad

How about this – we all know how I feel about this. So I’ll just point you to the money quotes. This is from a new article in Ha’aretz. One of the show’s most delightful numbers opened with an ancient … Continue reading

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