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This is What Should Have Happened With The Big Event.

At this point we all know the deal, concert planned, concert gets big stars to sing, concert advertised, concert banned, everyone gets antsy. Well, unlike The Big Event which was to feature Lipa and Shloime Gertner, this show will go … Continue reading

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My (Complete) Review of Yossi Green's The 8th Note

For the first part of this review click here. Over there I briefly touch on why I think this is a breakthrough album for Jewish Music. Let me just remind people that this is my O-P-I-N-I-O-N. I don’t feel any … Continue reading

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A very interesting interview with MBD by VIN. “About 20 years ago, after a draining 10-concert/10-city world tour, MBD felt he didn’t have the energy to continue doing concerts, and thus decided to stop performing. But he kept receiving calls. … Continue reading

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The State and Evolution of Jewish Music – Part 1

I wanted to discuss Benny Friedman’s new album. I wanted to talk to you about what I think he brings to the table and how I see him being the prototype for the next generation of Jewish Music. But first … Continue reading

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HASC 21: MBD – Now You See Him – Now you Don't.

What happened to HASC 21 being MBD and Fried? Shlager has some interesting stuff on that. Including this picture.

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Chabad Telethon Videos Part 1 – Avraham Fried & MBD.

Avraham Fried – Kol Nidrei Avraham Fried – You’re Never Alone MBD – Anachnu Maminim

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OHEL 5757: Avraham Fried & MBD – Watch the Full Concert Online

Someone posted the entire 2 and a half hour original concert online. This is not available anywhere else. It was the first Ohel concert and it was in some ways better then the second one. There are a lot of … Continue reading

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