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Shtus Isn't Dead

For those of you wondering, The Shtus Blog isn’t dead. I try to remember to post there more often, but I don’t always get the chance. I just posted a pair of funny BK commercials I’ve been dying over. Yes, … Continue reading

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Radio Commercials Rant

If no one minds I’d like to take a moment to rant about something that has nothing to do with Jewish Music, Politics, Sports or “Jewish” News. This morning on my way to the office I heard for the hundredth … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Comment

As a sports fan and a marketing professional, I’m torn which part of the Super Bowl I love more. this should be a great game, but the ads are always really smart and fun. I’m excited about the Giants chances, … Continue reading

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Lipa/Gertner Billboard in Brooklyn

Sweet. Details here.

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The Most Baddest English found in Jewish Music PR

Recently there have been some real clunkers, but this one is so bad I was floored. “You are probably tired of listening to non-quality music tapes. But listen to this! There is a new star emerging from the wood works, … Continue reading

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Jewish PR Never Seems to Surprise Me

There is a new singer named Yosef Chaim Bloch (wow, thats a mouthful) and I just love his poster. First off, the tagline is kinda, umm – strange? “Warm Your Heart With His Song.” Shouldn’t that be songs? Never mind … Continue reading

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Mendy Pellin Iphone Ad

(Ht Shmuli)

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My Interview With Yossi Zweig of the Jewish Entertainment Magazine.

I know it’s Erev Yom Tov, and most people won’t get a chance to read this till after, but I just wanted to post it already. Wishing everyone a great Yom Tov. Maybe print this out for YT reading? Drink … Continue reading

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Ohad's Missing Song.

Ohad recorded a little ditty for Radio Kol Chai in Israel. Maybe he should have put this on the album, it’s still 10 times better then that horrid Stop song. (Source)

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7-11 Giving Away FREE Squishees for It's 80th Birthday.

Squishee In Springfield, Squishee is available in many flavors including blue, red, lime, green, chutney, and champagne. For the month of July only, Squishee is available in Blue Woo Hoo! Vanilla – be sure to get there before Apu decides … Continue reading

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