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Updating our Systems.

I read this in last weeks L’Chaim weekly, I thought it read very much like something I would blog about. If you have a computer, you’re familiar with the term. Updates come in all sizes and shapes, for all programs … Continue reading

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No Child Left Behind

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Kosher Subway Coming to Manhattan's Upper West Side

According to this MySpace page a kosher Subway will be coming to NYC. Here are some details from the myspace page. “Coming soon to NYC Manhattan’s Upper West Side. In keeping up with kosher dietary laws, the menu at the … Continue reading

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"Big Brother" Shiksa Learns Jews Have Jewish Names

I first posted this on The Shtus Blog but I’m posting it here too because it deserves the exposure. CBS has a reality show in the summer called Big Brother. They stick 18 people in a house with no outside … Continue reading

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A big thanks to MoChassid for allowing me to preview this for you. This song is Boreo Olam. It’s from the follow up CD to U’Shmuel Bekorei Sh’mo. Three phenomenal singers appear on this album. Aaron Razel, Chaim Dovid & … Continue reading

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More iPhone Hilarity! iPhone vs. jPhone.

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Gimmul Tamuz – For Me It's a Day of Thanks

Today is the 3rd day of Tammuz. Today is the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Yartzeit. Today is the anniversary of the day a great Tzaddik left us. Our world is a darker place today because The Rebbe is not here. There are … Continue reading

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After hearing some literally heart breaking news this morning, it was really a nice treat to hear some really happy happy news. A huge mazel tov to Aidel Maidel. I wish you all the happiness in the world. May this … Continue reading

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Is the iPod the Next Thing To Be Banned?

Or has it even already happened? “Rabbi Lefkowitz from Bney Braq came out with a new psak this week that I-pod is ASSUR! Even if you want to use it for Divrey Torah it is still a no no!” I … Continue reading

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New Jewish Music Radio Station Goes Live

Lately there seems to be a pickup in Jewish internet radio activity. The ShmaisRadio stream got much better the last few weeks. Yesterday they had over an hour of classic English songs (the good ones, not like “Stop!”) they have … Continue reading

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