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My Picks for JMR’s Best of 2009

Here are my my picks and thoughts on this years Jewish Music Awards. Best Album: MBD’s Kulam Ahuvim, by a nose. Although Benny’s CD is so fresh and there are so many overall better songs, MBD is just at that level. … Continue reading

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This is pretty amazing. I doubt anyone in the rest of the Jewish Music world will do this, but Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock has just released a brand new CD. The CD titled, “No Limits” is available as a download on But … Continue reading

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Who Doesn't Like Pictures?!

I got a great tip about a new Jewish photo blog. I love photos and I love blogs, so what wouldn’t I like about this Jewish photo blog. Do yourselves a favor and add it to your RSS feeds, blog … Continue reading

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Jack Reviews a (Frum) Wedding CD.

Jack reviews Sameach’s newest wedding CD, “Siman Tov Mazel Tov.” The best line of the review is: “Israeli disco? Songs like Popcorn and Electric slide side by side with Sandy Shmuely’s Zodiac and Ari Pollack’s Chai. In full disco horns … Continue reading

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Israeli Music Strikes Chord in U.S.

This is an interesting article for anyone that likes out of the ordinary Jewish Music. Tonight there will be a concert at Radio City Music Hall for Israel’s 60th Independence Day. Scheduled to appear are acts like Matisyahu, Paul Shafer … Continue reading

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Interesting Article on "Why The Big Event Was Cancelled"

A website I haven’t heard of before has posted an article, more like an essay on why the big event was cancelled. You can read it at  It sounds very reasonable and very thorough. It’s a shame these Rabanim don’t … Continue reading

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The Stench of Desperation Even Reaches Here

Rafi and BloginDm are covering the story, I won’t go over it in detail. Read their blogs here and here for the fuller story. The quick recap is that they are losing (badly) the battle against concerts and Jewish music. … Continue reading

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