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Palestinians commemorate 'the catastrophe'

You have to watch this, and try to remember it’s not a BBC report, or an Al Jezeera report. It’s NBC News report. This extremely biased report uses phrases like Ethnic Cleansing and Massacre. I can only imagine what an … Continue reading

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How is Crown Heights Like Israel?

Crown Heights and Israel have very similar problems. We are both located in the heart of a place where those who are not like us, hate us. Chabad is an epicenter of a major organization that does great good throughout … Continue reading

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Why Do Israeli Politics Bore Me Silly?

I hope this does not make me unpopular, but there is just something about Israeli Politics that makes me fall asleep. I see the headlines, I start reading the stories and I just can’t finish them. As time goes on … Continue reading

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Troublemakers Photographed at MBD/Shwekey Concert!

Well, as expected the show did in fact go on. Despite rumors MBD did not back out and Shwekey went on. As did Yossi and Avi Piamenta. As you can see above, people were photographed and they finally caught all … Continue reading

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This is What Should Have Happened With The Big Event.

At this point we all know the deal, concert planned, concert gets big stars to sing, concert advertised, concert banned, everyone gets antsy. Well, unlike The Big Event which was to feature Lipa and Shloime Gertner, this show will go … Continue reading

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60 Bloggers for Israels 60th.

I’m honored to announce my participation with It’s a great idea and I was really happy to be asked to be a part of it. This new website will feature one blogger posting each day for 60 days. My … Continue reading

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Chareidi Start Rioting On Board El Al Flight Over Movie.

Rabbanim V’Raboisai, we have a serious problem. Ultra-Orthodox passengers on an El Al flight to Kiev caused a serious commotion Sunday morning after, according to their testimony, a movie was screened on board the plane. The Haredi men, en route … Continue reading

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Nothing Like Good Old Fashioned Bullying

When did we become like the mafia? Outrageous!

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Graphic Images

Warning, these are extremely graphic images, but I think it’s important to see it. Especially us American bloggers and blog readers. For as much as we feel horrible about this and mourn this tragedy, I think we need to SEE … Continue reading

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MSNBC: "So Called Terrorists"

Do you need any more proof of Esav Sonah Yaakov? Watch the video report from MSNBC and listen as the reporter refers to these murderous slime balls yemach shemam as “Infiltrators” and then “so called terrorists.” This is the world … Continue reading

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