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My In Depth Interview With New JM Composer, Elimelech Blumstein.

The Life-of-Rubin blog is excited to present you with an in depth interview with Elimelech Blumstein. Elimelech has recently become one of the hottest new composers in Jewish Music. I’d like to thank Elimelech in advance for agreeing to this … Continue reading

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JI Interviews Avraham Fried about "My Zaydes Zmiros" CD.

Read about the album and hear 3 tracks here. Avraham Fried and his family have been working on an album that was originally meant only for his family. It’s Avremel, his brothers and some nephews singing the songs his father … Continue reading

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Yossi Green Interview with Jewish Insights Magazine

Check out this great interview with Yossi Green about The 8th Note. Here are some bits from the interview. Anovim was supposed to be the title track of what eventually became MBD’s Maminim. Avraham Fried didn’t want to put Tanya … Continue reading

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A very interesting interview with MBD by VIN. “About 20 years ago, after a draining 10-concert/10-city world tour, MBD felt he didn’t have the energy to continue doing concerts, and thus decided to stop performing. But he kept receiving calls. … Continue reading

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Great Interview with Aryeh Kunstler.

Here is a great interview with Aryeh Kunstler in the 5 Towns Jewish Times. I happen to have LOVED his album, and very soon my review will be up. I have his review half written for a while now, I … Continue reading

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Nachum Interview Shloime Gertner and Sheya Mendlowitz

You can listen to the interview here: Of course no mention of the ban was made, which further destroys the impact of these bans. It’s tragic whats happening, if not just for the diminishing impact of very well respected Torah … Continue reading

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New Jewish Music

A lot of new albums seem to be coming out soon. Here is the latest from the always good sameach podcast. I really enjoyed both of the new songs from Gad Elbaz. They played another one a while back, and … Continue reading

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My Interview With Yossi Zweig of the Jewish Entertainment Magazine.

I know it’s Erev Yom Tov, and most people won’t get a chance to read this till after, but I just wanted to post it already. Wishing everyone a great Yom Tov. Maybe print this out for YT reading? Drink … Continue reading

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Demystifying 8th Day. Nachum Segal Interviews the Marcus Brothers.

My favorite Lubavitch Rock band goes on mainstream radio and hilarity ensues. It’s a fun interview so listen and then if you’re in NY why don’t you go to the show. (I wish I could but I’ll be working late … Continue reading

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