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The Real Shliach Blog Defends the Rest.

Even though the biggest fuss has been made by Chabadniks, we weren’t the only ones slandered in that Mishpacha Article. TRS Blog, a Chabad bochur, takes it upon himself to defend just one of the other attacks in that article. … Continue reading

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Crown Heights Stores Boycott Mispacha Magazine.

You won’t find the Mishpacha Magazine in Crown Heights this week. CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — has learned that Crown Heights store owners will not be making the Mishpacha Magazine available for sale this week, this in response to … Continue reading

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Decision Over Recent Molestation Story.

After consulting with my blog Rav, (yes I have one, and yes he’s well known and well respected), I have decided to take a wait and see approach to this case. I’m won’t be allowing certain comments through, (from both … Continue reading

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Rav Belsky: Present Day Chabad Has Become a Personal Cult.

Well, apparently I belong to a cult. That is just super. In a recent article in Mishpacha Magazine Rav Belsky said some not so nice things about Chabad. How should the chareidi community react to phenomena such as Chabad and … Continue reading

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Bar Mitzvah Teacher Arrested for Alleged Molestation.

“A Brooklyn man who was helping two teenagers with their religious studies has been accused of molesting the boys.” Things are not looking good right now. It seems that these stories are becoming more frequent and no one is doing … Continue reading

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Is Lipa Singing at Chol Hamoed Six Flags Concert? !

There is a concert at this years Chol Hamoed Six Flags Theme Park this year. There are now rumors that the “surprise” guest singer is going to be Lipa! Supposedly He will be singing “yom tov zimros”, can anyone confirm … Continue reading

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This is What Should Have Happened With The Big Event.

At this point we all know the deal, concert planned, concert gets big stars to sing, concert advertised, concert banned, everyone gets antsy. Well, unlike The Big Event which was to feature Lipa and Shloime Gertner, this show will go … Continue reading

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Chareidi Start Rioting On Board El Al Flight Over Movie.

Rabbanim V’Raboisai, we have a serious problem. Ultra-Orthodox passengers on an El Al flight to Kiev caused a serious commotion Sunday morning after, according to their testimony, a movie was screened on board the plane. The Haredi men, en route … Continue reading

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Nothing Like Good Old Fashioned Bullying

When did we become like the mafia? Outrageous!

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Ahhh, Hate Mail!

I don’t know if you can call it mail since it was left as a comment, but same difference, right? Rot in hell you dirty piece of human scum. Instead of merely banning you they should put you in cherem. … Continue reading

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