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Chag Kasher V'Sameach

That’s it folks, this is what we’ve been preparing for over a month. This is not a drill, the three day yom tov is about to begin. Although it’s not really a three day yom tov. It’s a Shabbos and … Continue reading

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This Weeks Biggest Threat to Yiddishkeit? Pesach Hotels.

Jonathan Rosenblum wrote a piece that will be in the Mishpacha and can also be read here. It’s called “Five Star Pesach.” He talks about the lack of spirituality of a family spending pesach waited on hand and foot (as … Continue reading

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Purim in Crown Heights

There are some great pictures over here.

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Some Purim After Thoughts and Comments.

So that was a long two days right? Purim on a Friday sure is a wild ride. Purim itself has a Sunday feel, but then as the hours pass on you realize it’s almost candle lighting! Then before you know … Continue reading

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Happy Purim!

I hope everyone is having/had a great Purim! Enjoy the kinderlach, the hamentaschen and the dorky themed shalach monas! (How many Shabbos Shalach Manos do you think we’re gonna get??) Enjoy this Purim Edition of ChabadTube, with Mendy Pellin.

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An Awesome Chanukah Jewish Music Video!

What a fun music video, why aren’t there more like this?? This is from Yerachmiel of Yossi and Yerachmiel. (A great CD.)

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Menorah Safety & Past Chanukah Links

Fire safety!!!! (HT Gruntig) Here are some past Chanukah links from this blog …. Pez Menorah Can’t Find Candles? Fire and Ice Menorah Pics Chanukah Lights

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