The Update – Final Official Post

As many of you have noticed I haven’t posted anything in almost 6 weeks. Even before that my posting has been off and on for at least 6 months. There are many reasons for this. I have written this post and held it in draft at least 10 times. I’ve felt this for a while now, going back over a year, but I’ve never felt as strongly about it as I do today.

I started blogging in 2003. Which, in online years might as well be 50 years ago. I’ve had a good run, and I loved posting my thoughts. Sadly, (or maybe not so sadly …) over the last couple of years Facebook and Twitter have really taken over the apple of the online world’s eye.

In my own personal and humble opinion I think blogging as we all once knew it, is dead.

It’s not as easy to write openly and honestly what you feel about things any more. Back in the glory days of blogging people were so excited to see fresh and honest opinions they flocked to blogs. But today there are consequences for every word written and people will hound you and take you to task for your opinions.

Today – while there are many new Jewish music websites, with news, reviews and videos, none of them are really blogs. With respect to the people involved in these sites, they are just online magazines. They never say anything too strongly critical that they will get on the bad side of music insiders whom they rely on to get their news from.

There are many reasons why I’ve stopped and even though in past versions of this post I went into much more detail, I think I’ll just leave it at that.

The blog won’t be shut down, and I’m not saying I won’t pop up from time to time either here or on twitter/facebook, but for now, the ride is over.

You can still email me your thoughts on albums and I am happy to have email conversations with any readers that are interested in my private thoughts on current Jewish musical events. I can always be reached at

Hope you all remember to enjoy the music and keep it real.

About lifeofrubinarchives

You enjoyed this blog for 5 years, but sadly now the ride is over. We decided to move the archives here for people who want to go back and revisit old posts and for new people to discover the blog for the first time!
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