Recap of Dream Team Concert 2

Here is a short form recap from one of our correspondents who was at the show.

  • Nachum Segal introducing Avraham Fried
  • Starting with Shlomo Carlebach’s Keser Yitnu Lecha
  • Shlomo’s Gam Ki Elech. Beautiful!!
  • Avraham Fried doing a beautiful old yiddish song with beautiful accompanying rom Shirah. Toirah is di beste Schoira.
  • Helfgott introduced by Nachum Segal comes on booming to Hallelu. Gorgeous and powerful.
  • Dovid Dachs starts Anovim joined by Chazzan Helfgot. Beautiful Duet. What a Show!!!
  • By the way, specail guest pianist from Yerushalayim: Suki Berry.
  • Rick Cutler on the Drums. Jim Hynes Trumpet. Steve Bill Guitar. Don’t know the others.
  • Fried and Helfgott together. Start with Btzeis Yisroel (world)
  • Show is on. Shira Choir on with the orchestra intro. Singing a fast ballad of some popular chazzanus pieces. Shehechiyanu now. Nice start.
  • Cruising through Hallel. Taking my breath away. Stunning!! (If I may borrow a word my wife likes to use).
  • Avraham Fried and Dovid Dachs singing Boruch Levine’s V’Zakeini. Heartwarming!!
  • Dream team back dueting. Gut Shabbos Medley. They are magnificent together especially in this intimate concert hall. Only 400 seats. Beautiful sound.
  • Dovid Dachs Solo Shwekey/Razel’s V’hee Sheomda!! Beautiful. Jim Hynes solo whistles the entire song. (Carlebach style) great job!!
  • Dovid Dachs (Shloime Dachs’ son)joins Chazzan Helfgott. Magnificent!!!
  • Dream Team together for a medley of songs. Bringing the house down. With Dovid Dachs now singing Shlomo’s Am Yisroel Chai. Beatiful Classy Show!!!

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