Changes Are Coming To Crown Heights

I’m still gathering all the information, but it seems that Inspector Frank Vega is getting the boot. When I can confirm that I will update the blog.

Inspector Vega has long been considered part of the problem at the 71st Precinct in crown Heights. He has consistently failed to act to specific incidents of violent crimes. His robotic responses, excuses and repeated attempts to justify the rise of crime using skewed numbers has been frustrating members of the Crown Heights community for a long time.

Vin News and Shturem report that Commissioner Ray Kelly made a surprise visit to Crown Heights last night. He came to 770 at around 10PM. He then met with people on the street. Afterwards, he walked to a nearby shul where a Shiur by Rabbi Yossi Jacobson was being given.

Crown Heights, NY – after the spate of attacks and increased crime in crown heights last night N.Y. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made a surprise visit to the area accompanied by heavy guard. Following his visit the amount of police patrolling Crown Heights rose dramatically.

Kelly arrived in the neighborhood at about 10 PM He didn’t say much but listened to their grievances and to stories from victims who were attacked in the past. Following a short stop over the Beis Shmuel synagogue he left the neighborhood.

Some residents so far are satisfied with the increase of patrolmen on the streets, one can see a police officer on every corner of the blocks. But others caution against being overly enthusiastic “they are just here to decorate the Commissioner’s visit and in the coming days you won’t see them here anymore.”

Rabbi Yossi Jacobson was in middle of his weekly shiur with the members of his congregation Beis Shmuel. and unexpectedly Commissioner Kelly walked in.

He spoke with Rabbi Jacobson for a little bit and then ended up discussing other issues with other members of the police department.

He promised changes, and it look like Vega’s transfer will be the first one. I for one have always been a big fan of Commissioner Kelly and I have faith that he will make good on his promises.

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