Apparently there was a letter to the editor in Mishpacha that attacked Rabbi Horowitz. I was also informed that The Yeshiva World website gleefully picked up that letter to the editor and posted it on the website. At that point all the Sonei Yisroel who comment there decided to write disgusting and vile things about Rabbi Horowitz. (You can read more about that at Harry’s here.) I believe it outraged enough people that Yeshiva World started feeling the heat and removed the entire post from it’s website.

Today, VIN News writes a great post defending and praising Rabbi Horowitz. The Yeshiva World stands to remind us that we have no problems. The only problems we have are people who think we have problems. The same goes for Mishpacha Magazine. Yet again the Mishpacha Magazine has allowed it’s publication to be the center of Sinas Chinam. There can, and sometimes are, good things about that Magazine. But it’s becoming hard to really find them. One of the few good things left in that Magazine are the articles by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz.

Sadly, the types of crazy calls people like Rabbi Horiwitz gets from tearful parents seeking advice can not be printed in a “family” magazine. It’s not just Rabbi Horowitz. I’ve heard some stories that I wouldn’t even know how to write here. If not for men like Rabbi Horowitz, then who?

I’m reminded of that famous moshel. We’ve all heard it slightly different I’m sure. The story of a town being swept away by floods. There is one man who stays in his home claiming “Hashem will save me!”, but doing nothing to ensure it. He refuses any help, he didn’t get out before the warnings, then the refuses rescue boats, then the rescue helicopter. Each attempt at rescue is followed by “No, Hashem will save me.”

Sadly, the man dies and goes to Heaven where he asks Hashem, “Why didn’t you save me?!” Hashem responds, I tried, I sent you a warning, a boat even a helicopter.

Rabbi Horowitz is our rescue helicopter. If we sit idly by, pretending nothing is wrong, or worse knowing we do have problems but ignoring them thinking Hashem will save us. Hashem is saving us, he is sending us people who will rescue us.

The Jewish Community at large has some serious problems right now. I know there is a lot of Chessed, and a lot of love, but there is also a lot of trouble. There are great and wondrous things about our community, but we must also address the issues that threaten to hurt us.

Hashem sends is the Refuah before he sends us the Machlah.


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