Lubavitch Teen Robbed and Beaten Unconscious Last Night.

How many different ways can I say it? We are under attack and our blood is on the streets of our own neighborhood.

Witnesses said, they believe there were two Black male assailants who were hanging around the scene before the attack, and were seen leaving the scene with a bike looked like the one taken from the victim. There were no witnesses to the actual assault.

Hatzalah transported the teen to the Kings County Hospital, where he is scheduled to get a CT scan. Shomrim members who responded to the scene could not get a proper description of the assailants from the victim, from memory loss due the trauma he sustained.

The teen, which is 16 years old, was cycling up Albany Ave, when he was attacked and viciously beaten, to the point of unconsciousness. Hours later the teen still could not remember exactly what happened, or who did it to him, but did tell detectives that he was missing his cell phone, watch, wallet and the bike he was riding on.

If the the press, the politicians and the black community all showed the same level of outrage, anger and injustice they did when that guy was attacked a few weeks ago every time a Jewish person is mugged, beaten or worse, then maybe, just maybe our streets would be safer.

This isn’t just about Crown Heights. The Jewish Community needs to stand together on this. No matter if you are living in Lakewood, Monsey, Boro Park or Great Neck. We are all under attack, and we need achdus to fight this. Please email the following people and voice your concern and outrage!

E-mail the press, e-mail D.A Charles Hynes, lets let our voices be heard: – Contact Mayor Bloomberg here.

NY Daily News writer, Eroll Louis.
Daily News:
Channel 12:
Editorials, Columnists:
Contact 1010 wins here.

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