Jack Reviews a (Frum) Wedding CD.

Jack reviews Sameach’s newest wedding CD, “Siman Tov Mazel Tov.

The best line of the review is:

“Israeli disco? Songs like Popcorn and Electric slide side by side with Sandy Shmuely’s Zodiac and Ari Pollack’s Chai. In full disco horns and strings glory. Frum weddings must be quite the party if this is what gets played.”

Oh ya, Frum weddings are quite the party, this must be why the Rabbi’s think Lipa is “out of control.” It’s quite funny if you ask me.

The thing about the Lipa story that was most odd was that more goyish music and goyish style happens by weddings then at Jewish concerts. It’s at the weddings that they need to fill more time and improv a bit. At concerts they usually play a strict set list from their CD’s. So why did they ban him from doing concerts, but allow him to do weddings? It should have been the other way around.


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