Why Do Israeli Politics Bore Me Silly?

I hope this does not make me unpopular, but there is just something about Israeli Politics that makes me fall asleep. I see the headlines, I start reading the stories and I just can’t finish them. As time goes on and the scandals mount I get the feeling that its growing. I can tell with the abundance of blog posts and news articles that its a growing scandal.

I know I should be following it, but I just don’t. Then before I realize it its all over the Jewish Blogosphere and everyone is debating it. Then I feel left out because I wasn’t following it, even though I could tell it was becoming a major news story.

Does anyone else ever have that dilemma? I just find myself not caring, am I wrong? Should I be concerned, should I be following it? Does it matter even? I mean could anyone be worse then Olmert? Now I’m reading that it’s so serious Olmert himself has stated that if he is Indicted he will resign. What? Isn’t that kinda major breaking news? Can you imagine if that were to happen to our President? Wouldn’t that be all anyone was talking about?

It’s not just now, it’s been like this for years. Israeli politics, especially when it comes to all these scandals, just puts me to sleep. I can’t force myself to read past the first paragraph. But I always get the feeling I should be.

What do you think?


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