50 Year Old Man Is Attacked in Front of 770 by 6 African Americans.

From Shmais:

At approximately 5:00 pm Tuesday evening a 50 year old man was resting on a bench in front of 770 when for no reason he was viciously attacked beaten and cut with a sharp object, by a group of 6 African American males. Shmira was called and immediately responded to the scene, units gave chase to the group of attackers and called NYPD. At some point the attackers, thought that they were no longer being followed and sat down on a bench, Shmira members remained hidden from view while another member flagged down a Police car. The victim positively identified four of his attackers and they were placed under arrest.

This was in broad daylight at 5PM on a Monday. I guess this doesn’t warrant any media response. I guess D.A. Hynes isn’t going to be busting down any doors at 2AM or convening any grand juries. . You know why? Because this is what happens every week in Crown Heights. Where are all the politicians now?


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