Decision Over Recent Molestation Story.

After consulting with my blog Rav, (yes I have one, and yes he’s well known and well respected), I have decided to take a wait and see approach to this case. I’m won’t be allowing certain comments through, (from both sides) and I won’t comment on this further until and unless more information comes out.

I will just say that a certain commenter, who knows who they are, is once again using the “it’s not true you don’t know the whole story” defense. Where there is smoke there is fire. Something is definitely up, maybe its all a misunderstanding, but something must have been bad enough to be arrested.

In todays age you have to be extra cautious. I won’t go into detail but I just heard a story about someone who was busted for molestation, you won’t hear about it, it was very quiet, but I was pretty shocked when I found out. I would NEVER have thought it possible of this person.

It’s becoming worse and people are sweeping these cases under the rug. What do you expect me to say? Don’t you see what the response becomes when everyone is somehow miraculously innocent?? It hurts the people who (allegedly) really are innocent!

The people angrily commenting about his innocence should be refocusing their anger on the Kolko’s of the world. It’s their fault people are so quick to judge. Maybe you want to be so quick to dismiss, but in this world, I would rather be overly cautious and keep my children safe.

One last comment. To the guy accusing me of jumping the gun and being an opportunist. SHAME ON YOU! You should know better then that, and I would think you would expect better of me.

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