Interesting Article on "Why The Big Event Was Cancelled"

A website I haven’t heard of before has posted an article, more like an essay on why the big event was cancelled. You can read it at  It sounds very reasonable and very thorough. It’s a shame these Rabanim don’t address this issue directly to the people. They were swindled and used as pawns. They need to promise that this won’t happen again. I think the Hamodia should print an apology and those swindlers should be publicly held accountable. I think that the Rabanim have caused such a degree of bad feelings that it will take years to come back from this. They messed up big time on this one and its going to have lasting implications for years. 

My humble advice, would be that the Rabbanim need to convene and star rethinking their strategies. The ban everything mentality, especially without explanation or consistency, is what led them to this place and it has to end before anything can change. 

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