Weird Halacha Question of the Day.

First read this story about a man whose brother invented a powder that he claims will regrow severed body parts – from a pig’s bladder.

With the help of an experimental powder, a man’s severed finger has regrown to its original length in just four weeks, reports London’s Daily Mail. Lee Spievack, of Cincinnati, who sliced almost half an inch off the top of one of his fingers, described the powder as “pixie dust,” according to the newspaper. The “pixie dust” is actually extra-cellular matrix, bursting with collagen and is made from a dried pig’s bladder, the newspaper reports.

The dust was designed to regenerate damaged ligaments in horses, the Daily Mail said. Collagen is known to give skin strength and elasticity. It is thought that the dust
kick-starts the body’s natural healing process by sending out signals that mobilize the body’s own cells into repairing the damaged tissue, according to the newspaper. Spievack said his finger even has a fingernail and fingerprint.

Ok, if you read the whole story there are doctors that are sceptical. In fact my first thought was that it was so close to the tip of the finger that it would have healed anyway. Regardless, let’s just consider what the halachic implications would be, if this were actually approved and become a standard medical practice.

Would you be allowed to use a Pig’s cells to regrow your own severed limbs?

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