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News12 Video of Commissioner Kelly Coming to CH

Check it out here. 

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Changes Are Coming To Crown Heights

I’m still gathering all the information, but it seems that Inspector Frank Vega is getting the boot. When I can confirm that I will update the blog. Inspector Vega has long been considered part of the problem at the 71st … Continue reading

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Palestinians commemorate 'the catastrophe'

You have to watch this, and try to remember it’s not a BBC report, or an Al Jezeera report. It’s NBC News report. This extremely biased report uses phrases like Ethnic Cleansing and Massacre. I can only imagine what an … Continue reading

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VIN News is now reporting that Yona Weinberg has been indicted on charges of molestation. The part that really upset me is that I see 2 new cases were added to the charges. That makes 4 cases of alleged abuse. … Continue reading

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Apparently there was a letter to the editor in Mishpacha that attacked Rabbi Horowitz. I was also informed that The Yeshiva World website gleefully picked up that letter to the editor and posted it on the website. At that point … Continue reading

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It's Ok, Relax, It Wasn't Racial!

A lot has happened in the last two weeks in Crown Heights. While many in the media and the world outside Crown Heights are shocked at the sudden and recent rise in “tension”, we all know it was neither sudden … Continue reading

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The Response.

See more photos of the protest here and here.

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