Hynes At War Against ‘Renegade’ Crown Hts. Patrol

I just read this article and I am fuming.

First read the article about and then continue on. This is regarding the “attack” by a member of Shmira on a Black man, Andrew Charles, a few weeks ago. Even since that one isolated incident there have been 5 more attacks on Jewish victims in this community. Not to mention the 35 plus over the last two years.

It’s unbelievable what is happening here. We’ve been under constant attack here for at least 30 years, and in the last 2-3 years the attacks have gone up dramatically. In the Summer we have at least 1 attack per week. If you go to CrownHeights.info you will see at least 35 instances over the last 24 months. Yet this one attack, which is very questionable to the extent of its severity has somehow become a watershed moment in DA Charles Hynes’s career.

Something about two Jewish guys fighting with a black guy that makes him want to teach us Jews a lesson. It’s mind boggling. The way he describes this attack is just out of this world. At worse I would call this a skirmish, read this description of the “beating.”

Hynes alleges that the men who attacked Charles on Empire Boulevard at first stared him down, then attacked him with mace. When Charles ran, one of the attackers made a phone call to other assailants, who then appeared in a sport-utility vehicle. One of them got out of the vehicle and struck Charles with a club or bat, according to Hynes.

I get stared down every time I walk to shul! So these guys “stared down” Andrew Charles and then went straight from that to mace, calling someone in a car, meanwhile enough time has passed that Andrew Charles is STILL THERE! (Even though he was supposedly “running away.”) Then the driver of the SUV comes, gets out and hits Mr. Charles. Its preposterous to assume based on all my years living here that Mr. Charles did not do anything back.

Even if the Jewish guys did stare him down, I’m sure Mr. Charles stared them back, with his friend (who always gets left out of this story for some reason when they explain it) and then he remained silent? He didn’t say anything anti semitic? He didn’t curse the guys back? He didn’t threaten to get his friends also? He didn’t attempt to defend himself? He didn’t say anything about “this is our neighborhood!” , no, nothing? he just stood there, get stared down, cursed at, maced and then beaten? All while running away with his friend.

Mr. Hynes, you should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t care what the facts are regarding this specific case. Even if the worse case scenario is true, it’s still not half as bad as the worse crimes committed against the Frum community in Crown Heights. We have had kids heads bashed in so bad they needed staples, legs and arms broken, teeth broken (5!), we have had an unsolved murder (Mr. Klein), we’ve had so many examples that Mr. Hynes should be mortified based on his outrage over this once incident.

Most of all I just feel helpless. Helpless in my own home. We’re attacked and nothing is done, no one comes to our rescue, and to make it worse when the attackers get attacked it reaches the highest levels of law enforcement in this city.

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