Consumerist Slams "Name Our Glatt Kosher Restaurant" Contest.

I was quite upset to see this story on one of my favorite blogs.

A small glatt kosher restaurant in New York City’s East Village ran a contest where people submitted names for the new restaurant. According to the official rules (all 33 words of it), the $3,000 “will be given to the first person who entered the name we will choose.” Eric writes in to note that they’ve announced their new name—Kosher Village—but they haven’t announced any winner. To make things more suspicious, they also registered the domain name “” on April 12th, over two weeks before the contest ended this past Monday the 28th. Eric adds that “the in-store sign for Kosher Village was put up this weekend, also before the contest deadline.” So was there ever a $3k prize, or was the entire contest a scam to drum up publicity and collect email addresses?

Needless to say I’d like to hear a response from the restaurant owners. If anyone knows the owner(s) of the new “Kosher Village” restaurant in NYC, please try to find out.

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