Please Help Rebuild!

Before you do anything else, please watch this, (news story link here and here

I implore you to do whatever you can do to help Rabbi Katz rebuild his Shul. Chabad of Miami Beach is just the latest Jewish institution to be attacked across the globe. The rise of anti semitic attacks is genuinely terrifying. What’s different in this case is that we are not dealing with a rock through a window or a painted swastika on the front door. In this case anti semites (Arabs are believed to be the prime suspects) burned down the entire Shul. Not only did they burn down the Shul but they took careful care and time to rip apart all the Seforim and the Sefer Torah. 

Please, do whatever you can to give to this Shul to help them start, literally, from the ground. Here is their website, donate whatever you can, even if its a few dollars. If every one of my readers donated as little $5 dollars that would be $2500 dollars. I’m a big talker, I Kvetch on my little corner of the J-blogosphere, and most often there is little else I/we can do but moan and sigh. Here we have a clear opportunity to fight back against the Sonei Yisroel. 

Let’s him them rebuild. You can donate by clicking here


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