Crown Heights Police Only Do Their Job When It's One of Thier Own.

If you look back through history you will see a very strong pattern of Crown Heights cops only getting aggressive when someone attacks one of their own. Two years ago a man was murdered in Crown Heights because he chose to take his garbage out at 2 AM. A runaway bullet in a now dangerous community at night. Till today the cops have no leads and will probably never solve the crime.

Sure, murders don’t happen every night, b’h, but muggings or harassments? That statistic is growing at an alarming rate. Take the case of Derrick Nelson, he has been in and out of jail a dozen times and has broken into over 20 cars. The cops are powerless to keep him locked up. In fact every time he gets out it takes an aggressive campaign by Shomrim to catch him and beg a cop to rearrest him.

The increase in attempted muggings and harassments makes every Jewish member of this community think twice about leaving their homes after dark. Can you imagine what that must feel like? We don’t roam the streets in gangs, looking for fights. But we are getting angry and while that doesn’t justify whatever did happen last week between those two bochurim and the two black men, it does provide further proof that this community is reaching a boiling point.

The members of this community do not believe in the cops. They do nothing and even when they catch criminals they either let them go or make excuses for why they can’t be arrested.

When do cops take anything seriously? When one of their own is attacked. Last year when two cops were shot and one was killed they turned Crown Heights and all the surrounding areas upside down. Do you think they got their men? They sure did! Within a week they caught all three men connected to that crime. Not bad, huh? It must feel good to do actual police work.

Then last weeks “attack” on a black teen in Crown Heights? All of a sudden the cops remembered how to do their jobs. I wonder what could be inspiring them to work so hard, I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the teens father is a cop!

Last weeks attack brought over aggressive acts of violence by police including knocking down the door to the suspects home Erev Yom Tov like the KGB, in front of the mother and a 9 year old child. Then the suspects brother was arrested when he asked if the cops had a warrant, which they didn’t.

But two incidents of Yom Tov in local parks show that when its not one of their own cops don’t do anything. I don’t have to show you the list of attacks that result in lazy police work. Go search the crime section of CrownHeights.Info, it’ll keep you busy for the next 4 days.


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