Outragous City Politics in Crown Heights "Attack"

If you don’t know about this, here is the story. A couple nights ago, late in the evening there was apparently some sort of confrontation that involved two black men and two lubavitch men. From what I’m hearing on the streets they cursed at the bochurim (some claim they threw a rock at the bochurim) and the bochurim being the hot headed big shot shomrim type guys (albeit the one who was Shomrim was off duty at the time) got out of the car and sprayed him with tear gas. They then “beat” him up. Now, if you saw the news videos of this guy you won’t see one scratch on him. I’m not saying they didn’t hit him, I’m just saying he was far from “beaten up.”

Even though they did the typical check in at the hospital to just to check out some “bruising”, which is a fancy way of saying I hope they catch the guy and I can sue him for something.

I try to think to myself, maybe he is hurt, maybe they did go after him. who knows, in fact I’ll lay as much blame as these frum guys feet as possible. Next time, keep on driving and ignore them. If I got into a fight with every black kid that shouted anti semitic epithets at me while walking at night in Crown Heights, well, I’d be pretty bruised myself. It happens all the time, get used to it. Don’t make a fight out of it, and don’t give them this type of sympathy ammunition. Now they are all up in arms over this. As if everything was honky dory before this and we’re the ones picking on the black community.

It’s got so bad that we even have Latia Jones James, a Crown Heights City Council member dropping the “we don’t want to have another riot …”

Here, read this.

Brooklyn, NY – Days after a young black man was allegedly beaten on the streets of Crown Heights by off-duty members of the Hasidic anti-crime group, a local City Council member urged witnesses to come forward.

Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James is scheduled to hold a press conference in an attempt to soothe racial tensions in the diverse neighborhood.

“We do not want to return to the events which happened in the ’90s,” she said, referring to the 1991 riots touched off when a Hasidic driver accidentally killed Gavin Cato, a 7-year-old black boy, and black rioters killed a 29-year-old Jewish student, Yankel Rosenbaum.

“We want to continue to promote harmony in Crown Heights,” James said. “To that end, I urge the witnesses within the Jewish community who were present to come forward.”

Andrew Charles, 20, the son of an NYPD officer, was walking on Albany Ave. Monday about 6:15 Monday night when an assailant on a bike sprayed him with tear gas. A GMC Envoy pulled up, and a man in the passenger seat hopped out and lunged at Charles, smashing him twice in the back with a nightstick.

“No racial epithets were expressed, but clearly this was a felony assault,” James said, explaining that police are not treating it as a hate crime. “His injuries were serious, and he’s still in a lot of pain,” she said.

Community sources said the driver of the SUV was a volunteer with the Crown Heights Shmira, a Hasidic anti-crime neighborhood patrol, but was not on duty at the time of the attack.

Despite claims to the contrary, the group does not have the backing of the Police Department. “I urge them to be regulated and licensed and trained by the local police. This way, you can avoid conflict and avoid these types of incidents,” James said.”

This is just another attack in a long attack of either politicians or NY police officials trying to demean the Shomrim. It’s deplorable and its unconscionable that Ms. James would try to bring up riots in an effort to scare someone into coming forward.

let me spell this out for you. Even if he was “beat” as bad as they claim he was, it’s still NOTHING compared to the weekly, sometimes DAILY attacks on the Jewish community here.

Anyone from 60 year ladies to 15 year bochurim getting mugged, beaten (that require head staples, stiches and rehab!) cursed at and altogether harrased.

Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining Ms. James. I am not for violence and I don’t condone what these guys did, but don’t tell me things are all rosy here in C.H. and you’d hate something like this (something a JEW did) would reignite racial tensions.

When a Jewish kid is attacked no one does anything (unless the kid is the son of a big shot like the Balkany kid) but otherwise no one says boo about the weekly/daily attacks.

Things are VERY bad Ms. James, but we don’t riot every time someone is beaten or attacked. The insinuation on your part that this could result in another riot is so irresponsible.

This is what we call a double standard people, and it’s made me stinking mad.


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