Is Lipa Singing at Chol Hamoed Six Flags Concert? !

There is a concert at this years Chol Hamoed Six Flags Theme Park this year. There are now rumors that the “surprise” guest singer is going to be Lipa! Supposedly He will be singing “yom tov zimros”, can anyone confirm this? If this is true, this is HUGE, if it’s not, well, then someone is trying to really cause some problems here for nothing. More news as I get it.

Update: I have now confirmed this with three separate sources. This is in fact true, allthough now that word has leaked I wouldn’t be surprised if he backs out. The plan was to not announce Lipa and have him just come up on stage as a surprise guest singing only yom tov songs.

I think this is the worse possible scenario for both camps here. The Rabanim look bad because 1) They didn’t stop concerts. In fact, I think this year there were more shows planned then there have been in a long time. 2) Lipa, is going to be singing at a major concert.

I don’t care what they call it, they are just playing word games. The fact that they write in large letters in parenthesis “(NOT CONCERT)” is a joke of epic proportions. What is this, Star Wars? Is that like a Jedi mind trick? THIS IS NOT A CONCERT. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE. MOVE ALONG IMPERIAL SOLDIERS.

This is a blow to both Daas Hatorah and Lipa’s credibility. Also at this concert will be Yosef Chaim Bloch and Dovid Stein. So how when Lipa gets on stage it ceases being a concert is beyond me. Now, it is being advertised as separate seating, but come on … Six Flags?? A theme park? This is better then The Big Event at MSG how? Are you telling me that he got permision from his Rebbeim to do this? Why, because it’s “not concert” so it’s ok?

UPDATE: 4/22/08 – If anyone is going to this event can you please take photos and/or videos and e-mail me at, thanks

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