Yeedle Releases Single From New Album.

Yeedle has always been one of those topics that I hate to bring up. When I write something positive about his music I get emails and comments screaming at me “don’t you know what he did!.” Then if I write anything negative about Yeedle I get comments from the other camp, “Uch that’s so horrible, the whole thing was a setup, he didn’t do anything!” So … what to do. What. To. Do.

I’d really appreciate your comments and emails (constructive!) on the issue and please keep them polite. Can I just talk about him in the context of his music? This CD is being produced by Yossi Tyberg. Yossi recently produced two of my favorite three albums over the last year and change. (Gertner/8th Note.)

I’ve heard the track on Shlager. If I’m being honest, I think it sounds really good. Give the track a listen for yourself, please comment away.

(Clip via Shlager, HT Dovie L.)


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1 Response to Yeedle Releases Single From New Album.

  1. dov ber says:

    It’s an unbeleivable unique and fresh song. Sounds amazing, can’t wait to buy the CD.

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