Concert Query.

According to Vos Iz Neais 13,000 people attended that concert and there was a lot of bashing of the Askonim. In fact, again, according to VIN, this exchange took place.

The son of Harav Ovadia Yosef, Harav Hagaon Reb Yaakov Yosef attended, and he spoke, as he got off stage he was next to MBD and went over to him to thank him. Reb Yakov Yosef said it was beautiful. At the concert someone asked Reb Yaakov, if MBD is allowed to sing here, he answered “what’s the question, “Don’t pay attention to the extremists”.

Does this make up for the damage Lipa caused? Yes, I know it wasn’t directly Lipa’s fault, he had to make a call and this is what he decided. But MBD and Shwekey and Fried have and continue to face those same pressures. Does MBD and Shwekey doing what they did yesterday repair any of the damage done at The Big Event?

In hind sight, did Lipa enable them and give them more power by giving in? Could he have ignored them? Maybe not, but thankfully it didn’t make a difference. This was a pretty large scale concert for Israel. That, coupled with the half a dozen concerts that have happened or will happen over Chol Hamoed, and that makes for one busted up cocnert ban.


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