Who is Mo Kiss?

Well, I’ll tell you. A family friend was kind enough to give me the full 411 on everyones favorite 8th Note standout.

Mo Kiss’s father, Abe, was part of a group known as “The Kiss Brothers.”The Kiss Brothers put out an album in 1977 and sold over 4,000 Records, a hit during those times. The Kiss Brothers had a band known as “The Kol Simchah Orchestra.” The Kol Simcha Orchestra entertained at Jewish Simchas from 1968 – 1985.

Abe Kiss has been the Chazzon at the Avenue K Young Israel for the last 14 years. Chaim Kiss an Uncle of Mo Kiss has been an entertainer in Jewish music for over 35 years.

Mo Kiss himself was a child star, featured in no less than 6 solos on the Tzlil Ve’Zemer CD # 5, He is the Child Solo Singer of the famous tape “Meir & Me,”that sold over 20,000 tapes.The tape was distributed by Aderet.

Mo Kiss also wrote 6 songs on the Tzill Ve’zemer Album #6. Mo Kiss also wrote a song for Yehuda on one his albums. Mo Kiss has a BA in Music engineering from Purchase University.

The newest thing that bears Mo Kisses name is A.K.A. Pella 3, Adaptation. You can read all about it and hear the sampler here.

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1 Response to Who is Mo Kiss?

  1. leah says:

    Mo Kiss was also the star of the hit album “Meir and Me” when he was kid! My personal fravorite! Crazy talented guy!

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