3 Tracks from the Avraham Fried and Family Sefirah CD.

As we posted a few times before Avraham Fried and his family have been working on an album that was originally meant only for his family. It’s him and his brothers and some nephews singing the songs his father sang. They are mostly Bobover niggunim. When news leaked out people wanted it released to the public. The CD was recently given out at a family wedding. As of yet there hasn’t been any decision made on if this CD will be sold or not, but it looks like they are for the mean time releasing some of the songs to the public.

Here are (courtesy of Shutrum.net) 3 tracks from the album.

Here is the Shturem article.

During the wedding of Isar and Chaya Mushka New last night in Crown Heights a new special disk was distributed called “Niggunim from my father’s house” sung by the Friedman family starring Avrohom Fried.

As was first reported on Shturem that Avrohom Fried was in the midst of recording a new disk with songs that their father Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Friedman obm taught them throughout the years.

During the recording of the album Avrohom Fried’s brothers, Manis, Yosef Boruch, Benzion, Shlomo, Alter Eliyahu and Avrohom Fried himself, and their children were all brought in to the studio and joined in the singing.

The entire disk is only vocal without any instruments and can also be heard during days of mourning like during Sefiras Haomer when it is forbidden to listen to music.

Shturem.net has the pleasure of posting three songs from this new disk thanks to the courtesy of Avraham Fried.

To listen to Song Number 5 Boruch Kel Elyon click play or here.

To listen to Song Number 7 Ko Ribon click play or here

To listen to Song Number 10 Ma Yedidus-2 click play or here

You can hear them below.

Song #1

Song # 2

Song # 3

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