Concerts Are Here to Stay.

Yet another high profile concert has just been announced. That makes for three major concerts just over Chol Hamoed alone. This stands to prove without a doubt that the ban and forced cancalation of Lipa’s concert was strictly a crusade against Lipa, not concerts.

The biggest problem here is that all the claims of concerts being the cause of all the problems we have and thus a need for such a strong stance (by 32 Rabanim!) was all just hot air. I know I already stated this, but I think this third major concert just reinforces my point.

Speaking of that poster, why can’t these designers make everyone the same size?? It looks so dumb I can’t even tell you and it creeps me out. People shouldn’t be so out of proportion. If you want to stress that Gabay is the headliner then make his NAME bigger, not his picture!


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