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Hynes At War Against ‘Renegade’ Crown Hts. Patrol

I just read this article and I am fuming. First read the article about and then continue on. This is regarding the “attack” by a member of Shmira on a Black man, Andrew Charles, a few weeks ago. Even since … Continue reading

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Consumerist Slams "Name Our Glatt Kosher Restaurant" Contest.

I was quite upset to see this story on one of my favorite blogs. A small glatt kosher restaurant in New York City’s East Village ran a contest where people submitted names for the new restaurant. According to the official … Continue reading

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The Parade of Hatred Continues.

I’m no genius, but I think it’s about time the FBI or some government agency starting dealing with the amazing increase in hate crimes. It’s almost becoming, if not daily, a weekly occurrence somewhere that a Jewish shul, school, cemetery … Continue reading

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Jews in Japanese!

A little while ago a television film crew from Japan followed Mendy Pellin around for a report on Frum Jews in the media. Apparently Mendy is a big hit in Japan. Well, the report aired and you can watch it … Continue reading

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Y-Love in the Boston Herald

Orthodox NY Rapper Preaches Love. Buy the album here.

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Shtus Isn't Dead

For those of you wondering, The Shtus Blog isn’t dead. I try to remember to post there more often, but I don’t always get the chance. I just posted a pair of funny BK commercials I’ve been dying over. Yes, … Continue reading

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How Dumb Dumb Didly Dumb Can Someone Be?

There are lots of individual thoughts floating around in my head and many have to do with today’s new Orthodox wing. We’ve really got to make up a good universally accepted term for them. There is already such a thing … Continue reading

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I’ve got nothing. I mean I have a few different things I’d like to write about but I don’t have the time or energy right now. I’m still recovering from Pesach and I have way too much work to be on the … Continue reading

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Housing Nightmare in Crown Heights.


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Please Help Rebuild!

Before you do anything else, please watch this, (news story link here and here.  I implore you to do whatever you can do to help Rabbi Katz rebuild his Shul. Chabad of Miami Beach is just the latest Jewish institution to … Continue reading

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