The Miami Boys Choir/Avraham Fried (and company) Concert Poster.

This is the concert poster for the show I was talking about a couple days ago. Some things jump out at me. “The Show of the Year!” will every concert now need a tagline like that? The Big Event, The main Event, The Show of the year? When I think superstar concerts I don’t think Pruzansky and Baruch Levine and a guy whose only contribution to Jewish Music so far is “Niggun Neshama” “Lazers Niggun” and a debut album that was promised 7 months ago. (Dovid Stein, and no offense meant.)

I think Miami and Fried is exciting though, and the other three combined with Miami and Fried do make for a packed show, so that’ll be good. Of the “other 3” I like Baruch Levine the best. Not a huge fan of the voice, but I liked his album song wise a lot. (I should have reviewed it.)

The other thing that jumps out at me is the “Separate Seating” and then in smaller print underneath “Family Seating Available.” It’s a funny way to phrase something. Because if you want the show to get a Kosher seal then the WHOLE show should be separate seating. If not it’s like being a little finished. You either are or you aren’t. If you have mixed seating available then your event is a mixed seating event, only with separate seating available.


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