Lipa Post Ban, In the "Turning Over a New Leaf" Era.

This further goes to show that the only thing that was accomplished from that entire Lipa Ban Story was the collapse of respect for “daas torah. “This is gonna go down n history as a very dark time. The days when people lost all faith in the Rabbi’s. It’s so crazy to even say that, buts true. Our greatest Tzadikim have passed away. We are headless and the people who have attempted to fill those voids are failing miserably.

I understand it’s Purim in this clip but that shouldn’t matter. Lipa is 1) singing a song based on non Jewish roots. 2) Ten steps past of “kalis rosh” here. 3) Singing literally in front of mixed crowds. You can actually see women, just a few feets away from Lipa, while there are men in the same shot. Nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed, as I said, is the attitude towards “Daas Torah.” Mr. Asher Friedman. Good job!

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