Cops Attack and Arrest Crown Heights Shomrim Member After Letting Mugger Go!

This is amazing, absolutely amazing!! First a group of black kids jump and attempt to mug a bochurs cell phone ON KINGSTON AVENUE right in front of a huge grocery store, at 9 AM in the morning! Then when Shomrim catch the kids and the cops are called. Even AFTER a non Jewish witness corroborates the story the Police let them go. Then they attack one of the animated Shomrim members and arrest him only to apologize and let him go a few hours later.

This is just shocking. This Police Officer should be suspended and fined and never allowed to walk the beat in Crown Heifghts. This is why “crime is down”, because they don’t follow through on the arrests ever! They are too lazy to process these kids, so the kids just keep on doing it knowing they will be let go or even more likely never get caught.

Read the full shocking story here!


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