Some Purim After Thoughts and Comments.

So that was a long two days right? Purim on a Friday sure is a wild ride. Purim itself has a Sunday feel, but then as the hours pass on you realize it’s almost candle lighting! Then before you know it its Shabbos and you have tons of nosh and candy and cakes and cookies all over the place. Did anyone want to skip the Friday night meal after eating all that Nosh and then having a Seudah on a Friday? I’m not used to eating so much on an Ever Shabbos.

Shalach Monas brings about a lot of interesting thoughts. For instance, themes. I gotta tell you that for me, themed Shalach Monas hover a very fine line between ultra corny and very cute. I mean, some themes are so random and unconnected to Purim, whats the point? I’m not against themes, just badly executed ones!

Speaking of themes, it seems this years most popular theme was a Shabbos Shalach Manos theme. Kugles, small containers of Cholent, Challah Rolls, Grape Juice bottles, all very cute. Which brings me to my next thought.

Refrigerated Items in your Shalach Monas. I think giving some thing refrigerated is a nice change of pace. (How many grape juice bottles and haman tashens can you pile up already?) But if you are going to do a refrigerated theme. Make sure the person is getting it right away and putting it IN the refrigerator. You make a kugle, or homemade salad, but if the person is home and you leave it by the door and they don’t come home for a few hours then it could be ruined.

We got Yogurts, Cheeses, home made salads, and I hate to see that go to waste. Call ahead, if you are already investing the time to home bake or cook so many items, call ahead, find out when that person will be there. Don’t just leave it on the doorstep. Which brings me to my next thought.

Isn’t it funny how often we miss each other? We need to coordinate with our friends better. If we both go out to deliver at the same time and miss everyone and then have to leave it at someones doorstep and then vice versa it becomes so impersonal. I know its not easy and everyone is on their own schedule, but it’s frustrating missing people all the time. Anyone else feel this?

Next topic on the table. Unrequited Shalach Monas giving. Wow. How awkward is it when you get a knock on the door and someone you hardly have any connection with is at the door with a nice big Shalach Monas? Sure, you could have some “extras” to give to those people that you
hadn’t thought of or didn’t plan for. But what if you don’t have any left? (and never re gift a Shalach Monas, it’s soo tacky!!)

But then think about how awkward it is being on the other end of that scenario. Yikes. “Hey, how are you doing, ya, so umm, here is my Shalach Monas to you!. Hmm. Ya, OK, I guess I’ll leave now, have a nice day!” Ouch. Walking away without a return Shalach Manos? So awkward.

Whats funny is that sometimes that creates another awkward scenario. Assume you get Shalach Monas from someone who you didn’t plan for. You feel so bad, so next year you say “I’ll make one for them too” and then you are so excited to run over there and give them one to show
THIS YEAR we thought of you. But then since you didnt have one in return for them last year, they took you off THEIR list and you end up in the reverse scenario.

Yeaup, Shalach Monas sure can be stressful. But at least it’s a food stress. At the end of the day you have buckets and bags full of nosh to comfort you!

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