Arab Attacks Lubavitcher Student in Park Slop Subway. Gets Hit By a Car!

What a crazy story. This is the live we currently live in.

PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn [CHI] — A Lubavitcher Bochur became the victim of a blatant hate crime Tuesday evening at around 6:15pm in Park Slope. The incident unfolded inside the subway station on 4th Avenue and 9th Street, which is in the confines of the 78th Precinct, where a Middle Eastern looking teen snatched the Bochur yarmulke from behind and fled out of the station.

The Bochur, who on his way into the station notice a group or four teens sitting on the steps of the subway entrance, did not hesitate and began perusing his yarmulke snatcher, all the while just a few feet behind yet not managing to catch him. The pursuit continued right passed the sitting group and out into the street, where it came to an abrupt halt.

The ‘would be’ yarmulke snatcher ran right into the street and was struck by a passing car, sending him flying and severely injuring him. The others from the group then pounced on the Bochur, knocking him to the ground and with shouts of “Allah Hu Akbar” they began punching him in the head and face. The Bochur managed to dial
911 and give his location.

Police responded within moments by which time the group that was still able to walk had fled the scene. Police arrested the injured perp and called for an ambulance to take him to the hospital, he suffered two broken legs among other injuries.

The incident was classified as a hate crime, and police are investigating it.

The Bochurim told that “what is extremely disturbing is the social statement of this crime” he said, “these Jew haters boldness to commit such a crime in broad daylight in a street buzzing with activity”. B”H the Bochur did not sustain any serious injuries.

Here is the link. Wow. Mamash insane.


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