Memo to Yeshiva World: You Guys Are Freakin Hypocrites.

What I love about the Yeshiva World “blog“, which has become the poster child for whats on the minds and radars of the now in my book considered, ultra right wing, out of control, ban happy lunatic fringe of our community.

Their most recent “letter to the editor” is an email from a very concerned husband. This guys wife called him over to look at the women modeling shaitels in apparently an untznius ad.

Here is my first question. The wife saw a woman who looked untznius and decided she should call over her HUSBAND to let him SEE?! If it was untznius shouldn’t she taken that page out of her Jewish Press and warned her husband in advance not to look?

This is symptomatic of the bigger problem. The OUTRAGE and SHTUREM is more important then the alleged ISSUR. It’s more important for this woman to get her husband all riled up and start running around getting all nervous.

Whatever happened to using your brain? What happened to walking past a McDonalds and saying to yourself. “Hmm, that smells good, but its treif, so I can’t have it.” If its assur then don’t eat, smell it, look at it, go near there, read it, surf it, call it, do it. Why do you have to try to wipe it off the face of the earth? Why do you have to force everyone to be on YOUR level?

Even more disgusting is the fact that the letter blames “these types of advertisements” for the recent attacks in Israel. That way of thinking makes me want to vomit. I hate blame ourselves Judaism. Thank G-d I’m a Chossid.

To cap it all off, the most amazing part is the self riotous holier then thou hypocrites at the Yeshiva World who are so eager to show how frum they are by posting this letter. They keep forgetting about THEIR OWN ADVERTISEMENT to a shaitel company where I’m sure this same husband and wife team would be just as outraged to see.


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