Yossi Green's The 8th Note – Sampler and Cover

Below is a sampler from The 8th Note album.

This is the Yossi Green CD. It’s all songs composed by Yossi Green and many different big name singers attached. Avraham Fried, MBD, Lipa, Gertner, Helfgot, Lev Tahor, Haim Israel, Mo Kiss and Yossi singing along with or by himself on certain tracks.

Here is the official description from Sameach.

This album will feature 13 brand new songs from the most popular composer in
Jewish music today. This elegant production, produced by Yossi Tyberg, has been
in the making for the last four years and hopes to redefine the standards for
Jewish music while developing fresh sounds and styles beyond what has become a business consisting of ‘wedding’ standards.

Regarding the texts and lyrics of the songs, Yossi Green, who is the one to
have introduced us to lyrics from interesting and original sources like Tanya,
Aderaba, Dedoh Bai, etc., tells us that “Every single one of these 13 songs,
B”H, has a specific, original message and “chap!”

The amazing list of featured guests appearing on this groundbreaking album to
sing duets with Yossi represent the artists that have defined Jewish Music in
the last 25 years as well as the new artists that are breaking ground at this
time. They have all come together united as one in a remarkable show of Hakoras
Hatoiv to Yossi for writing many of their hit songs as well as jump starting
many of their careers. The list of names singing duets with Yossi include
Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, Lipa, Cantor I.M. Helfgot, Shloime Gertner,
Ohad, Chaim Yisroel, Lev Tahor, AKA Pella, and Mo Kiss.

The arrangers that worked with Yossi on this project represent a list of
talent never before presented on one CD. The presence of such luminaries as
Daniel Freiberg, Mona Rosenblum, Moshe Laufer, Leib Yakov Rigler, Momy Levy,
Shai Bachar and Ilya Lishinski guarantee an explosion of sounds and styles never
heard before in our genre.

The different musicians and bands that actually played the music on this CD
bring an authenticity and ethnicity never experienced before.

The title/theme song, The 8th Note, talks about a world of Yemos Hamoshiach
that sees the 7-note scale expanded into a mysterious 8-note scale. This song
will feature AKA Pella and Yossi singing an unforgettable duet. In Israel, the
title song of this CD will be called Hatav Hashmini where Ohad and Yossi are
singing this unforgettable duet in Hebrew.

The song Anovim Anovim that Yossi wrote about 10 years ago which was never
recorded and still had broken all convention by becoming popular throughout the
Jewish world as a result of MBD and Yossi singing it once in concert, has
finally found its home and has been properly recorded.

Here is the website for the album.


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