Y-Love as always, says it right.

“What are we supposed to do for entertainment? Life of Rubin alluded to
kids-at-risk being pushed further and further away from a kosher way of life by
having their alternatives oppressively restricted — how many more drug addicts
will be spawned for lack of a Hasidic outlet in which to socialize? How many
more Hasidic girls will, unable to hang out with Rivky and Shaindy at the MBD
show, will now meet Ruchie and Bracha at the club?

Poor orphans perhaps unable to marry. Kids going further off the path away
from Judaism. Perhaps a blow to one of the cornerstones of the faith of Orthodox
Judaism. I hope this askan is proud of himself for his lies and pseudo-zeal, he
really does now have quite the resume attached to his soul.

Moshiach, again, if you’re reading this — please, save us now.”


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